Equipment Sales

Epilog Laser Legend Elite Series The Legend Elite Laser Series is our top-of-the-line laser line and includes a feature set you won't find on any other system. From the small format Epilog Mini 18 and Mini 24, to the mid-sized Helix to our top-of-the-line Legend 36EXT, you'll find higher quality motion control system, faster speeds, and the most complete feature set included! And we're proud to say it is 100% designed, engineered, and built in the US.
Epilog Laser FiberMark Series The Fibermark Laser Series is Epilog's metal and plastic marking laser system. Using a fiber laser source, the FiberMark system allows you to etch metal and engineered plastics with bar codes, logos and text. Print to the laser from a logo, drawing or even a scanned photograph! The large format 24" x 12" (610 x 305 mm) work area offers a fast, inexpensive way to mark your parts and tools.   And we're proud to say it is 100% designed, engineered, and built in the USA!
OBJET   High-Quality 3D models can be easily created in an office environment using Objet’s 3D Printing Systems. But there is much more you can do with your Objet printer. At Objet, we believe the range of applications for our printers is virtually unlimited in the post process and advanced rapid prototyping applications.

To support this vision, we continue to develop new applications and introduce applications support and trainings for all markets and niches, from STL and CAD support, to post process and advanced rapid prototyping applications.
Roland DGA Engraving Concepts introduces Roland DGA!! The Roland EGX-360 boosts profits for professional gift engravers, trophy shops and jewelry retailers by enabling them to deliver professional results with ultra-fast turnaround times. Unlike other specialized gift and trophy engraving machines, the state-of-the-art EGX-360 rotary gift engraver makes it possible to personalize a wide range of jewelry, awards, gifts, rhinestone decorated apparel, and ADA-compliant and directional signage, eliminating the need to outsource hundreds of jobs.
Epilog Laser Zing Series
Two Models to Fit Your Needs
  • Zing16 or Zing24
  • Engrave a wide variety of materials.
  • Entry-level pricing.
  • Just starting out your business.
  • Inexpensive second laser to help you expand.
  • Industry's best, low-cost laser engraving and cutting system.

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