Roland EGX 350 Engraver

EGX-350 Engraving Header
The EGX-350 has what it takes to give your customers what they really want! Powered by a 20,000 rpm DC brushless motor, our EGX-350 automatic engraving machines come equipped with advanced software for producing a wide range of popular jobs with crisp text and clear graphics. Whether you are creating ADA signage, gifts and awards or custom rhinestone apparel, the versatile EGX-350 is able to turn it all out perfectly


  • Automatic Engraving Machine
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Engraving software and tools included
  • Includes R-Wear Studio software for apparel decoration
  • Optional jigs and vices available
  • Convenient 12” by 9” work area
  • Advanced surface detection simplifies setup
  • Convenient hand-held control panel with a large backlit LCD screen
  • Optional ADA Sign Kit available



Grow Your Business!

The EGX-350 was built from the ground up to quickly and easily produce today’s most popular engraving jobs. Create beautiful custom signs and nameplates. Turn ordinary gifts, awards, and promotional items into treasured mementos by personalizing them with names, events or dates. Unlike other automatic engraving machines, the EGX-350 is also capable of producing design templates for heat pressing rhinestones onto T-shirts, handbags and other apparel items.

Easy to Use

In addition to versatility, Roland made the EGX-350 incredibly easy to use. The automatic engraving machine features advanced surface detecting that simplifies setup by determining the Z axis starting point. A hand-held control panel with a large LCD screen lets you quickly select engraving options, such as spindle speed, without using a PC. Even cleanup is trouble-free with a one-touch vacuum adaptor.


The EGX-350 easily handles a wide variety of materials, including plastic, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and wood. Unlike laser or other automatic engraving machines, the EGX-350 preserves the original colors and textures of wood, brass and artificial marbles for a beautifully finished look.

Bundled Software

Bundled Roland EngraveStudio™ software facilitates the production of a wide variety of jobs, from simple nameplates to elegant wood signs and luxury stationary. With single stroke fonts and a special V-Carving mode, EngraveStudio generates quality results with a real hand-carved look. The software imports designs in AI and EPS file formats, and lets users preview them, saving precious materials and time. It also allows users to create design templates for heat pressing rhinestones onto custom apparel.

Roland R-Wear Studio
Never outsource your rhinestone jobs again! EGX-350/360/400/600 engravers come with Roland R-Wear Studio software for producing beautiful rhinestone templates from your designs. The software supports a large library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones that match the different colors, sizes and types available on the market. It also displays a job’s cost, allowing you to quickly calculate profits and manage rhinestone inventories.

Optional Software

FlexiENGRAVE 8 is state-of-the-art software for precision engraving, built from FlexiSIGN, the world’s most advanced sign making software. FlexiENGRAVE maintains its status as the number one choice for dependable, feature-rich engraving capabilities with ease-of-use you can handle. From the most complex designs to simple nametags, FlexiENGRAVE allows you to complete your project economically, intuitively and with incredible speed.

EngraveLab - Available as add-on software, EngraveLab is a comprehensive design and production program for professional engravers. EngraveLab includes a comprehensive package of powerful tools, including over 65 import filters, a badges feature that allows automatic text substitution and serialization, over 1,100 fonts with WYSIWYG text composition, a 5,000-piece clipart library, a variety of automatic fill routines, raster-to vector image tracing, automatic Braille translation, machine-readable barcodes, automatic contour cutting and much more.

All in One ADA Signage Solution

Bundle your EGX-350 desktop engraving machines with an ADA Signage Kit to produce tamper resistant signage that complies with all federal and state ADA regulations. Complete with an Accent Signage Manual Raster® Pen License Kit, cutters, engraving software, engravable materials, adhesive sheets and a self-contained chip removal system, to provide an all-in-one ADA solution from a single source.

Optional Hardware

Roland’s optional T-slot secures objects up to 12”(X) by 9”(Y) 305mm (X) by 230mm (Y) for precision engraving. Part number: ZTT-35

Center Vise
Roland’s optional center vise holds objects up to 5.9” (X) by 5.8” (Y) by 1.3” (Z) 149mm (X) by 147mm (Y) x 33 (Z) mm. Part number: ZV-23C

Vacuum Table
Roland’s optional vacuum table keeps engraving material in place, eliminating the need for adhesive sheets. Table size is 12”(X) by 9”(Y) 305mm (X) by 230mm (Y). Part number: ZV-23A

Roland Reliability

Roland's international ISO certification is your assurance of Roland's commitment to continuous improvement of our products and services, as well as our quality system. We build reliable, high-performance products and back them up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.

Table Size 12”(X) x 9.1”(Y) 305 mm x 230 mm
Max. Cutting Area 12”(X) x 9.1”(Y) x 1.6” 305 mm(X) x 230 mm (Y) x 40mm(Z)
Feed Rate X, Y-axis : Up to 2.4 ips (60mm/sec). Z-axis : Up to 1.2 ips (30mm/sec)
Software Resolution 0.004” (0.01 mm) /step or 0.001” (0.025 mm ) /step (XY axis only)
Mechanical Resolution X, Y -axis : 0.0001 in. (0.0025 mm) /step
Spindle Motor Brushless DC motor, max. 50 W
Revolution Speed 5,000 to 20,000 rpm
Tool Chuck Cutter holder and collet
Interface USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1) or serial (RS-232C-compliant)
Instrction System RML-1
Power Requirements AC 100 to 120 V ±10%, 1.3 A, 50/60 Hz (overvoltage category II, IEC 60664-1); or AC 220 to 240 V ±10%, 0.6 A, 50/60 Hz (overvoltage category II, IEC 60664-1)
Acoustic Noise Level During operation: 60 dB (A) or less (when not cutting), During standby: 40 dB(A) or less (as specified by ISO 7779) (According to ISO 7779)
External Dimentions 15.5" (W) x 24.3" (D) x 23.3" (H) [393 (W) x 616 (D) x 591 (H) mm When cover is open: 23.56" x 21.5" x 27" 598 mm (W) x 545 mm (D) x 685 mm
Weight 75 lb. (34 kg)
Operation Temperature 41 to 104 °F(5 to 40 °C )
Operation Humidity 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
Accessories Power cord, depth regulator nose (nose unit), nose-unit retainer (retaining screw, spring), spare mounting screw (for the cutter holder), character cutter (diameter 3.175 mm), flat cutter (diameter 3.175 mm), wrench, solid collet (diameter 3.175 mm), solid collet (diameter 4.36 mm), hexagonal wrench, hexagonal screwdriver, handy panel, adhesive sheet, vacuum adapter for chip cleaning, Roland Software CD-ROM, Roland EngraveStudioTM CD-ROM, Roland Software Program Guide, Roland EngraveStudioTM Program Guide, and User's Manual
Roland EngraveStudio™ System Requirements
OS Windows VistaTM (32-bit edition), Windows® XP, or Windows® 2000
CPU Pentium® III, 1 GHz or faster recommended
RAM Windows Vista: 512 MB or more recommended

Windows XP/2000: 256 MB or more recommended


Part No.DescriptionPrice
ADA-BUNDLE-MAN ADA Starter Kit for EGX-350 $4,100.00
AS-10 Adhesive Sheet Hold-down System (pack of 10) $39.99
BT-125-010 Burnish Tool, 1/8in shnkx4.5in lgthx.010in tip $17.49
BT-125-015 Burnish Tool, 1/8in shnkx4.5in lgthx.015in tip $17.49
BT-125-030 Burnish Tool, 1/8in shnkx4.5in lgthx.030in tip $17.49
BT-171-015 Burnish Tool,11/64in shnkx6.5in lgthx.015in tip $23.99
BT-171-030 Burnish Tool,11/64in shnkx6.5in lgthx.030in tip $23.99
C2-125-010K Carb. Engr Cutter, .010in, 1/8in Shnk, W/Knob $19.49
C2-125-015K Carb. Engr Cutter, .015in, 1/8in Shank, W/Knob $19.49
C2-125-030K Carb. Engr Cutter, .030in, 1/8in Shank, W/Knob $19.49
C2-125-060K Carb. Engr Cutter, .060in, 1/8in Shank, W/Knob $19.49
C2-125-090K Carb. Engr Cutter, .090in, 1/8in Shank, W/Knob $19.49
C2-125-125K Carb. Engr Cutter, .125in, 1/8in Shank, W/Knob $19.49
C2-125-DGK Diamond Gravers, non-rotary, 1/8in shank, W/knob $24.99
C2-125-KNOB Threaded Brass Knob for 1/8in shank engr tools $4.29
C2-171-010K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .010in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-015K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .015in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-030K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .030in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-060K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .060in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-090K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .090in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-125K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .125in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-171K Carb. Tip Engr Cutter, .171in 11/64inShnk W/Knob $25.99
C2-171-DGK Diamond Gravers,non-rotary,11/64in shank, W/knob $27.99
HS-171-005K Hi-Spd Steel Cutter 11/64inshnk 6.5in .005in tip $25.99
HS-171-010K Hi-Spd Steel Cutter 11/64inshnk 6.5in .010in tip $25.99
HS-171-015K Hi-Spd Steel Cutter 11/64inshnk 6.5in .015in tip $25.99
HS-171-030K Hi-Spd Steel Cutter 11/64inshnk 6.5in .030in tip $25.99
MV-2 Multipurpose Vise for EGX-300/350/360/400/600 $719.99
PAR-125-060K 0.060" Parallel Cutter, 1/8" Cut Depth $25.99
PAR-171-060K 0.060in Parallel Cutter,11/64in Shank,1/8in Depth $30.99
RWSTUDIO Roland R-Wear Studio Software $499.00
US-CHIPSYS-C Chip Extraction Sys. UltraQuiet, 1/2hp w/accumltor $719.99
US-ENGRVLAB-9 EngraveLab Expert v9.0 for EGX $999.00
US-FLTRBAG-A3 Filter bag (3-pk) for chip removal system $43.99
US-TL125-KIT Engraving Tool Starter Kit, 1/8in tools with holder $113.99
US-TL171-KIT Engraving Tool Starter Kit, 11/64in tools w/holder $133.99
ZS-35 Replacement Spindle for EGX-350 $369.99
ZTT-35 T-Slot Table for EGX-350 $229.99
ZV-23A Vacuum table, PNC-2300 $199.99
ZV-23C Machine Vise, EGX-350 / EGX-300 $349.99


Part No.DescriptionPrice
XY-RS-23A Cable, Serial 6ft Shielded, (DB9F/DB25M) $24.99
XY-USB-10 USB-to-USB (A/B) Cable, 10' $24.99


Part No.DescriptionPrice
ZC-23-3 Collet, 3mm for EGX-300/400/600, JWX-10, MDX-40 $39.99
ZC-23-3175 Collet, 3.175mm PNC-2300A $39.99
ZC-23-635 Collet,1/4in(6.35mm)PNC-2300A/MDX-500 $35.99
ZC-E436 Bottom load, burnishing guide for EGX-400/600 $29.99